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New AC System Needed

The inevitable always seems to happen at the least opportune time – your air conditioning system stops working when the weather gets warmer. Any professional do-it-yourself training or advice source will tell you that installing a new air conditioning unit should only be conducted by licensed AC professionals.

Austin Air Conditioning & Repair can supply the new AC unit you need for your business or home. There are many options for a new AC system. We are a supplier for state-of-the-art units from major brands. As a licensed air conditioning contractor, we can provide a complete air conditioning installation estimate specific to your needs.

Among the best air conditioning companies in Austin, we have the experienced, certified and licensed AC experts to install a new air conditioning system and get you cool again. At Austin Air Conditioning & Repair, we want you to replace your old AC unit with the best AC system that fits the needs of your business or home.

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Affordable New AC Unit

Everyone facing a season of hot temperatures wants to know the answer to the question, “How much is the cost of a new air conditioner?” This requires answering several other questions before an exact cost can be determined.

First, what size AC unit do you need? If it’s a window unit, the cost will be less expensive. A new central air conditioning unit will be more of an investment.

We serve clients throughout Austin and surrounding communities and can help with any size business or home. A smaller office or home will need smaller unit compared to a multi-office complex or a larger home.

Cost is increased with more SEER – seasonal energy efficiency ratio – from the manufacturer. This is a measurement for how much you might save on your electric bill. There is also more cost for how much air the unit can essentially cool over a 24-hour period, sometimes referred to as tonnage. Basically, it’s HVAC terminology that means the better energy efficiency a unit has and the more square feet of space it can cool faster will add to the price.

Experienced AC Installation

Options such as installing or moving electrical lines; duct cleaning and sealing; a “smart” thermostat; selecting a high-end brand; or an added warranty can all increase the cost. It’s important you work with a trusted air conditioning company such as Austin Air Conditioning & Repair when making your final decision. We want your new AC unit to meet your needs and last for years with proper maintenance while having all the best warranties.

Install New Air Conditioner - Austin, TX

Installing a new air conditioner is at least a two-person job. One of our experienced, licensed technicians from Austin Air Conditioning & Repair will be on site working along with an extra set of hands to complete the project. We provide affordable pricing for all our labor and all costs are agreed upon before work begins.

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When you need local air conditioning system installation or service, call Austin Air Conditioning & Repair at (512) 271-2172 and let our professional staff provide the help you need. Our friendly team of air conditioning specialists will review your situation, walk you through your AC service solution and get to work on your air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement. You’ll be pleased with our experience, skill and exceptional service, so call us at (512) 271-2172.