Air Conditioning Repair

When it comes to air conditioning repair services, we at Austin Air Conditioning & Repair are your best choice. Being in the industry for many years, we have fully mastered the AC repair and installment craft. We are experts at everything air conditioning, which is why we can guarantee you that we know what we're doing. We know how to make your air conditioning units work just like they did when they were new. You'll be surprised to see how efficient your AC unit can become when you avail of our AC repair services. We work to impress our valued clients!

You hate delays, we hate them too

We believe that your impression of our work matters. So, we dedicate our time and effort to master our work. We make sure the technology we're using is up-to-date, so you'll see the best results. We also understand that you value your time. With the latest technology and techniques, we can cut the time needed to finish the repair project. We understand how it feels not to have an air conditioner. Delaying the repair will make you uncomfortable and unproductive, especially if you have a child at home. Work efficiency is our top priority.

Do you need a handyman?

We offer a wide-range of services targeting your demands and needs. We are your handymen for complicated projects relating to your air conditioning units.

Responsive Customer Service

We have reliable customer service staff who address your concern. They are prompt in answering your questions yet keep it accurate. You can ask them for quotes about the repair project, so you’ll have an idea of how much you need to spend. They can provide you with the time frame needed to complete the project as well as the available slots. If you want our technician to visit your home for a check up, tell the representative, so you’ll get your appointment schedule. Our customer service is available every day, and you’re always routed to a responsive customer representative.


Our repair service vehicle is equipped with complete tools that our technicians use. Before leaving our office, they check the tools to avoid work delays. If we informed you that the repair should be done in a day or a couple of hours, you can expect just that from us. For us to achieve it, we make sure that before we go to your home, we already checked our tools. We also check our vehicle so that we won’t have any problems on the road. We also have a checklist of routines that we follow to get the job done effectively and efficiently..

We quote by what we see

We appreciate that you call us to ask about your air conditioner problems. However, if you feel that a call is not enough to address your problem, tell us that you need home service. We will be more than happy to come over because we want to give you a clear diagnosis of the problem. We prefer to visit your home to check your air conditioning unit itself. We know that assumptions frustrate you and may give you wrong estimates. We are willing to do home service repair, so the project works right from the start. Our technicians prefer a personal visit, too.

Trustworthy and people-oriented technicians

Our aim in offering you a repair service is to help you avoid having to buy a new air conditioner. A new AC is costly, and repair services are a cheaper alternative. Our trustworthy technicians tell you when to replace or to repair your unit. They tell you the best options available that suits your budget. They also provide tips, so the air conditioner is maintained in good condition, thereby avoiding another repair call. Our technicians are certified and insured. They follow the rules of the industry and the state keeping the service safe and legal at all times. They are people-oriented providing you a comfort and ease during the project.

Our team offers a balanced service, thereby providing you the best people and right tools to complete the repair project.

Chill and let us do the work

We would be more than glad to assist you in figuring out the problem of your air conditioner. It's a passion that we aim to fulfill every time we get a call from clients. Even though we spend more time dealing with the air cooling unit, we make sure that we communicate well with you. When we make the trip to your home, we pay attention to your concerns before doing the work.

We come on time, and we finish on time. We value punctuality and promptness because your time is important to us. To be sure that we observe the schedule, we develop a system to make our work efficient. We also bring all the tools we need to complete the project. You can expect quality results and trustworthy contractors from us.

Austin Air Conditioning & Repair is ready to help you at anytime, and we'll be more than happy to discuss your air conditioner’s problems.

Contact us to schedule your appointment we’ll fix your problems!