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It’s a bright day when you wake up and your air conditioner kicks on to tackle the day’s rising temperature. At least we hope you’ve had regular air conditioning maintenance through your local air conditioning company, Austin Air Conditioning & Repair. If not, the day may get warmer than expected and spotty air conditioner maintenance may lead to costly AC repair or replacement. Because summer in Texas is so long – only two seasons with summer and “waiting for summer” – you need to make sure your air conditioning system is in peak condition. Austin Air Conditioning & Repair proudly serves customers throughout Austin and Davenport Ranch in the 78746 zip code. We can help you stay cool through the hot seasons with professional air conditioning service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Customers call us every day with air conditioning problems that could have been prevented with regular maintenance or even a smaller repair years ago. Don’t let procrastination get the best of your budget by not getting AC service when it’s first needed. We work hard for our customers to repair an AC unit first, but sometimes it’s past time for repair and complete air conditioner replacement is needed. We’ll inspect your AC system, including unit, thermostat and air flow, to determine any problems. If all is well, a few adjustments or updates may be all that is necessary. If repairs or replacement are needed, we will share details of any issues we found and provide you with a complete estimate to get your air conditioning system working in good order.

Air Conditioner Installation Austin

How To Hurt Your Air Conditioner

Customers often don’t realize there are common habits that can harm or even ruin your air conditioner. The first, of course, is failing to schedule and complete regular AC maintenance. Just like any machine, your AC unit needs a check-up at least once a year. Leaving doors or windows open while running the air conditioner can lead to serious problems. This scenario can overwork the unit and cause a breakdown or even failure. Either of these results can get expensive quickly. Also, an overworked AC unit is sucking up the energy usage throughout the system and can lead to a real shock when you open the next utility bill. Regular maintenance can also spot refrigerant leaks or failing electronic fans and compressors. A unit that kicks on and off all the time needs service quickly. Filters throughout the AC system need to be inspected and cleaned regularly, or replaced as needed.

Air Conditioning Company – Austin, TX

When you need local AC service in Davenport Ranch and zip code 78746, call Austin Air Conditioning & Repair at (512) 271-2172 and let our professional staff provide the help you need. Our friendly team of air conditioning specialists will review your situation, walk you through your AC service solution and get to work on your air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement. You’ll be pleased with our experience and exceptional service as your local air conditioning company, so call us at (512) 271-2172.