AC Maintenance
AC Maintenance Saves Money

Every business or homeowner we know wants to save money or cut future expenses. Austin Air Conditioning & Repair provides the AC program you need to save money through our scheduled air conditioning maintenance service.

As a professional air conditioning company, we provide commercial and residential AC service all across Austin and in neighboring communities. Our experience helping so many customers has shown that simple, regular AC maintenance can identify and prevent serious AC issues before they cut deep into your budget.

When you schedule regular AC maintenance, it can extend the life of your AC system even beyond its normal warranty period. Maintenance, or even AC repair, is easier on the budget than air conditioning replacement.

Cleaning Air Conditioning Filter - Austin, TX

Seasonal AC Maintenance

Knowing when to schedule air conditioning maintenance and then sticking to that schedule is half the challenge. As a reliable AC company in Austin, we can help you win this challenge when you sign up for our twice-a-year maintenance program.

As temperatures warm up across Central Texas, it’s time for an AC check-up. Austin Air Conditioning & Repair has a team of air conditioning specialists who can check your AC system in the spring before the blazing heat of summer becomes overwhelming. Schedule your AC maintenance service visit before Memorial Day.

The worst feeling is when the AC unit fails, and a regular maintenance visit could have prevented the loss of air conditioning. Our local air conditioning maintenance professionals can keep your AC running smoothly through the hottest months of the year.

Once the summer months begin to cool, our customers want to make sure their AC system is in good shape after working so hard for so long. We recommend the next seasonal AC check-up during the fall, usually around Halloween.

A fall AC maintenance service visit provides ongoing comfort and the assurance your unit will be ready to go if there is a sudden heat wave through the winter. The Austin area weather is notorious for sudden heat spikes sending temperatures above 80 degrees when it should be winter jacket weather.

Dependable air conditioning in Austin is very important. If your AC unit isn’t properly maintained, you could be withering in the heat instead of enjoying a cool office or home environment.

Professional HVAC Service

When it comes to your heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, professional HVAC service from Austin Air Conditioning & Repair is here to help. Your AC unit is the part of this system that is going to work the hardest throughout the year in Central Texas, and it needs maintenance.

Airconditioner Compressor and Coil Maintenance

Our spring and fall scheduled visits provide the comprehensive AC maintenance service to keep your unit working at peak performance. Our licensed and experienced AC specialists can change your filter (helps maintain warranty), clear the evaporator drain, clean the evaporator coil, remove debris in and around the AC unit, clean and straighten the fins, and inspect for refrigerant leaks.

Whether it’s commercial or residential air conditioning service, scheduled AC maintenance goes a long way in saving you money. An AC unit operating as it should helps with energy bills and keeps your HVAC system working properly to avoid more expensive AC repairs or AC replacement in the future.

Air Conditioning Company – Austin, TX

When you need local air conditioning system installation or service, call Austin Air Conditioning & Repair at (512) 271-2172 and let our professional staff provide the help you need. Our friendly team of air conditioning specialists will review your situation, walk you through your AC service solution and get to work on your air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement. You’ll be pleased with our experience, skill and exceptional service, so call us at (512) 271-2172.