Air Conditioning Installation


We all know how annoying and uncomfortable it is to be sweating all day due to the summer sun’s immense heat. It’s because of this reason that it makes perfect sense for you to get an AC unit and avail of an Air Conditioning Installation service. When it comes to AC installation, your best choice would be us at Austin Air Conditioning & Repair. We know what we’re doing, we know which kind of air conditioners you need, and we know the perfect place to install them. With all of that being said, Austin Air Conditioning & Repair is no doubt the best choice you can make.


If you're planning to install a unit on your own, we suggest that you hire us instead. Our team is composed of certified technicians who know how to handle dangerous projects such as AC installation. You may have thought that DIY installation is simple, but it can be difficult and costly if you're not a professional. Our work is time-bounded, so the project is always completed on time.

Your sense of urgency to install an air conditioner may lead you to forget to analyze your home and system before doing the project. It's a tedious task for a beginner because you need to understand the technicalities of the process. If you're not able to analyze what's necessary correctly, you may end up buying the wrong unit.

When you hire us, you'll avoid making the wrong decision. Because we have the knowledge and experience, we can give you the best options. We have the tools and a portfolio to support our suggestions. Our technicians have earned certifications proving they completed their training. They also continue to learn the new trends that are environment-friendly.


We give utmost importance to the knowledge and hard work of our team. We understand that these values go hand-in-hand to make our company successful. As we live these values day by day, we make sure that every time we show up at work, we offer the best we can do. We don't think of our job as merely a simple task. We consider it to be a service that must provide satisfaction to our clients. With this perspective in mind, we come to work enthusiastically. So, you’ll deal with the friendly but professional technicians going the extra mile. Your comfort is important to us, so we’ll work hard to achieve it.


Following the core values of the company, we make sure that we execute them each time we work. When we say knowledge, it means that we show up equipped with the product and technical knowledge. We understand the ins and out of the services and the right unit to install in your home. With the certification we acquired, we guarantee you that we have the proper training to install any AC unit. When it comes to hard work, it means that we don’t miss any deadline and appointment. We always check our schedule and keep it in mind before meeting our clients.


We keep on emphasizing that our technicians are certified because we want you to know that we also follow the standards implemented by the state. We comply with its requirements because your safety is our concern. We understand that the best experience that we can provide you is safety. We do the same with our technicians who go to your home. We make sure that they have insurance that covers accident-related cases. You hire us to pay for our services and not for the mishaps during the installation. We will cover that for you. But don’t worry, our technicians are well-trained, and they know how to avoid adverse conditions.